Used Peterbilt – A Truck Of Great Value


Peterbilt trucks have a long standing history of quality and customer satisfaction. The reputation continues to grow as the community of long-haulers and over the road truckers share their Peterbilt experiences. These trucks are manufactured mainly in Denton, California, and have been since 1980. Canadian drivers like the fact that some Peterbilts are made across the border in Quebec.

The trucks are recognizable by their long-nosed, big-grill looks. Their line is composed of medium and heavy duty Class 5 through Class 8 trucks. Their longevity is well noted, and many older models continue to travel the highways of the western hemisphere.

Because the trucks do have an exceptional length of service and reliability record, there are many used Peterbilt trucks to be found on the used truck market. Prices of used tractors are considered to be fairly reasonable, and do actually hold their value quite well. You should be able to locate a good number of the vehicles on popular online truck sites. Financing packages are also available for used Petes.

Before you commit to purchasing an older-model, used Peterbilt, or any brand for that matter, You should review its service and repair schedule over its long, productive life. Do this for your own satisfaction and peace of