Used Dump Trucks – Values Holding Strong

This recession has seen truck prices in general drop to the lowest levels in years. Our experience is truck values on semi trucks had dropped by as much as 60% in 2009. These values have come back very strongly (thank goodness) in part to the strengthening economy.

The experience is different for used dump trucks. Values on these truck have held steady during the last three years. While we have seen a slight dip during 2009, overall the values have held strong. Currently, we are seeing most types of used dump trucks at the highest values ever. We think there are reasons for this:

  1. Dump trucks tend to be more durable than, say a over the road tractor. For example, most inquiries for semi trucks are for truck that are ten years or newer. For dump trucks we get request going back to the eighties or even earlier.
  2. Work for dump trucks seems to have picked up since the middle of 2009. The oil work in North Dakota, the infrastructure work in Louisiana are some of the examples that we continue to hear about.
  3. The overall demand for dump trucks has increased as truckers move out of the over the road business to something closer to home. We also see people coming from various industries to do dump truck work, in part due to the high pay these trucks command.

If your looking to invest in commercial trucks, used dump trucks may be the thing for you. If values have remain strong during this terrible economy it’s likely they will continue to be strong going forward.

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