Understanding The Different Types Of Semi Trucks

There are different types and models available for a new semi trucks. Each model is designed to haul a particular type of cargo. Semi trucks are categorized in different ways. From the haulage point of view there are long-haul trucks that carry goods to long distances. The heavy haul truck is designed to carry heavier equipment and machinery (used Peterbilt trucks seem to be popular right now). Semi trucks designed for local haul are smaller in size and mostly used for transportation within the city limits. Then there are specialty semi trucks that carry only a particular item like ready-mix concrete or cars.

From the design points of view the first is a box type semi truck that can haul anything that does not need any special arrangement. For carrying liquids, large tankers are used. There are bus semi trucks and flatbed designs. Bus trailer is mostly designed to accommodate people traveling and staying inside. Time bound perishable items like foods that need continuous refrigeration are carried in the refrigerated semi truck. There are also reefer, lowboy, vans, double-decker, dry bulk, drop-deck, curtain sider, and sidelifter semi trucks.

Before selecting any new semi truck one should know the requirements for which it will be used in future. There are various auction sites where these semi trucks are auctioned online.

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