The Freightliner M2

The Freightliner M2 combines versatility and efficiency for a vehicle that can handle the needs of any business. The M2 is a business class truck that is built for transporting business equipment to other locations or for traveling to business appointments. Each Freightliner truck in the business class includes an aluminum cab, great visibility and a spacious interior. The Freightliner M2 is comfortable enough for frequent travel and features enough strength to handle even the toughest jobs. The M2 comes with 350 horsepower and includes incredible steering wheel control and maneuverability.
The Business Class M2 can be purchased as a truck or a tractor, allowing people to choose the amount of strength they want in their Freightliner business truck. The M2 comes with unmatched safety standards compared to other business trucks, meaning people can travel for business duties with an added peace of mind. The Business Class M2 being a medium-sized business truck allows people to not have to worry about their business truck being too small to carry business equipment or too large for comfortable transportation. The Business Class M2 supports a large variety of mounted equipment making it a very versatile vehicle. The M2 will allow people to make the most of each business day with its high performance.

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