The 379 Peterbilt Truck


The 379 Peterbilt truck was put into production in 1987 to replace the 359 Peterbilt, and was taken out of production in March 2007. It was built by the Peterbilt Motor Company located in Denton, Texas. The Peterbilt Motor Company was started in 1939.

The last 1,000 379 trucks produced in 2007 were named the “Legacy Class 379″ in honor of such a powerful truck. Built with one of the most powerful inline 6-cylinder turbo diesel engines available in highway driven vehicles, including he Caterpillar C-15, Cummins N-14, the big cam cummins, and the Caterpillar 3406. Other high torque workhorse engines were also put into the 379 Peterbilt.

The engines available in these trucks were capable of over one million miles before major repairs were needed, making it a favorite of long distance truckers. It is often fondly referred to as the die hard truck. A Caterpillar C-15 in one of these trucks provided between four and nine miles per gallon depending on the weight of the load, the driver and road conditions. Hauling through snow generally brings down gas mileage.

This truck is forever memorialized as Optimus Prime’s alternative mode in all three Transformer movies. Though the 379 Peterbilt is no longer in production, it is still going strong on the road and likely will be for may years to come.