The 379 Peterbilt

The 379 Peterbilt was Peterbilt’s pièce de résistance during the period from 1986 to 2006. This particular truck is set apart from the rest in its category by its trademark long nose styling of its nameplate’s signature. It is also one of the few remaining models with an aluminum hood.

A famous 379-Peterbilt feature is the inline 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine fitted for highway vehicles. The engines comprised mechanically as well as electronically injected mechanism. Famous engines on a 379-Peterbilt were Caterpillar C-15, Cummins N-14 and the Caterpillar 3406.

The 379 Peterbilt, a sturdy stalwarts could chock up 1 million miles before the engines needed any kind of attention. They were also famous for giving excellent mileage, some even up to 9 miles a gallon. The Peterbilt truck was featured in the Optimus Prime film series.

When manufacturing began in 1986, the Peterbilt 379 had the first aerodynamic designs incorporated for better fuel efficiency. Some special features of the 379-Peterbilt included frame mounted fuel tank with step under passenger door, a chrome exhaust, Wide tires with fender extension, die cast door mirrors, the hood opening to reveal detailed diesel engine. The gas and air tanks were made of chrome. The extremely functional battery box came with diamond plating. The grill, front bumper and wheels were made of chrome. Now that it is no longer in production, the 379-Peterbilt is set to become a collector’s item.

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