Semi Truck Sale – What To Look For When Shopping For Semis

Looking for a good deal is always one of the goals when shopping for semi trucks. Finding a good semi truck sale is one of the ways to accomplish that goal. There are, however other ways to find good deals on trucks. A prudent trucker will incorporate multiple sources when trying to secure a good sale price on his next truck. Here are some of the other ways to get the most value on your next semi truck purchase:

  • Truck auctions – nothing new here but many buyers don’t think of this alternative or they think its too much hassle. Truth is with the number of repo’s on the market, truck auctions are worth looking into
  • Dealers with excess inventory – you can spot a motivated dealer by the amount of advertising they do. If they are willing to spend big bucks to put their inventory out there to the truck buying market, chances are they are motivated to move trucks. The down side to this is the overhead. A dealer with a lot of overhead is going to pass that cost onto their buyer.
  • Private parties – buying from a previous owner can get you a good deal. We speak to a lot of people that have taken over a guys payments or bought out an existing trucking business. Just be sure to check out the trucks and have them looked over by a good diesel mechanic. There’s no going back to the seller if there’s a problem in a private party sale.
  • Semi truck locator services – this is where you submit the specs of the truck your looking for and they match you up with the dealers that have the truck your want. This is becoming very popular. The main benefit of this option is that you have many dealers that will be competing for your business, therefore a competitive price.

You can see there is more than one way to find good deals on trucks than finding a semi truck sale. Employing all of these techniques will afford you the best deal.

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