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When you are looking for a semi truck, it can be a frustrating, and a long-lasting, journey. Unlike a car, the trucks are, literally, the owners’ and driver’s livelihoods. We have a decade in the trucking business under our belts, and have made some great professional relationships with semi truck dealers around the nation. Why should you spend your valuable time calling around, going to dealers or private sellers, and inspecting truck after truck? Especially when a service like ours is available? Here are some of the highlights of our service:

  • Cost effective. Our service is one hundred percent free!
  • Effective time management. Our nationwide network receives requests within minutes and begins to respond very quickly.
  • No middleman. Deal directly with some of the largest dealers in the country.
  • No unsolicited calls. Only the dealers with the truck you have asked for are going to call you. No more sifting through a lot of wrong trucks to find the right one.
  • Financial and credit help. Dealer financing is available since dealing directly with the truck dealer, which includes options for bad credit.

Fast. We match your needs with the right dealer quickly, which gets you in your truck faster than with more traditional options.


Stress-Free Semi Truck Purchasing

In this time of economical strife, when money is more difficult to come by and time is equated with dollars more often than not, why not use our service to cut down on wasted time and therefore increase financial security? We work with some of the best dealers, which means you get the following benefits:

  • Both new and used
  • All makes and models
  • Financial programs, service packages, and warrantees

One of the most unique things about our service is that the dealer contacts you instead of the other way around. It saves you from searching through rows of trucks, and their pertinent paperwork. Just imagine:  no more looking through tons of trucks you don’t want to find the ONE you do. Imagine being able to ask the important questions; things like mileage, service record, accident reports, before you drive anywhere to look at the truck.

Our unique yet quick request form asks for the pertinent information for us to send to dealers.

  • State
  • Age Range
  • Make
  • Cab
  • Engine
  • Horsepower
  • Suspension

It even allows comments in case there is something necessary for you that is not on our list. Simply answer the questions, click the button, and sit back and wait for your dream semi truck.