Select Mack Trucks For Durability And Performance

If your business involves some serious hauling of heavy materials, then you will certainly want to use Mack Trucks. These trucks are symbolized by the bulldog for good reason. They are tough and reliable while remaining loyal to their drivers. The makers of Mack trucks have been in business for over a century. In that time, they have built a reputation for making some of the hardest and most aggressive rigs available. This has led Mack to become the most popular heavy duty hauler on the North American Continent.

While the company is American owned, with its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, it earned its moniker in Britain during the first World War. Purchased by the British government to bring supplies to the front line, the soldiers referred to the trucks as bulldog Macks, due to their perceived toughness and durability. The name stuck and now the bulldog symbol graces all models. The silver or chrome bulldog signifies that the truck includes other components, while the golden bulldog is a sign that the truck is manufactured completely from Mack parts and supplies. So, if your hauling is heavy duty and you need a truck that is reliable and can withstand some tough use and punishment, Mack Trucks make for a great choice.

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