Peterbilt – A History


Peterbilt is a quality truck brand that was founded in 1939. An independent trucker or trucking company that seeks Peterbilt Trucks For Sale must be keen on the modern, successful trucking business. Peterbilt trucks were originally manufactured to meet the needs of an America whose transportation systems were overwhelmed with wartime traffic. During World War II, the U.S. primary forms of transportation – horses and trains – were loaded to the brink carrying food, supplies and troops needed to win the war. There was no transportation system left for the average hard-working American to meet his mobility needs. Peterbilt jumped into the game with an outstanding, reliable, durable truck that was built to last. Though politics have changed since then, the quality of the Peterbilt product has only improved. Peterbilt trucks come in several different models. The trucks boast air slide fifth gears, 10 or more speed transmissions, Cummins or Caterpillar engines, engine brakes, ultra spacious sleepers, tandem rear axles and more depending on the model. The most popular models historically have been the 310, 349, 379, 387 and 389. Peterbilt collaborates with the most sophisticated in technology, the PACCAR. The PACCAR does track testing, as well as tests for shaking and racking. The Quality Control group at Peterbilt ensures that Peterbilt Trucks for Sale are suited for the best in road capabilities through random sampling.

Peterbilt Trucks For Sale