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Since the 1930s, Peterbilt Trucks have been doing the job they were designed for. T.A. Peterman, the founder of the company, started building logging trucks. Mr. Peterman was a logger in Tacoma, Washington and needed to get logs to market. At first, he converted army surplus trucks but soon decided to build exactly what was needed. Today, Peterbilt Trucks are manufactured by PACCAR in Denton Texas and Sainte-Therese, Quebec, Canada. These powerful class 5 to class 8 workhorses are still designed to do the job. Any trucker will explain why he drives his “Pete” and what the five most popular models are. The company’s philosophy explains why.

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The Draw of Peterbilt Trucks

•    Smooth ride
•    Long hood creating a hot sports car image; the extra room in this compartment allows any size of motor to be installed and leaves space for repairs
•    Low ride, the frame sets 4 inches lower than most big rigs
•    Panel construction make repairs easy

379 Peterbilt

Five Most Popular Models of Peterbilt Trucks:

•    337
•    357
•    378
•    379
•    387

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The Philosophy Behind Peterbilt Trucks

Just like Mr. Peterman started almost 80 years ago, each truck is designed to fill a unique purpose. The 378 has an aerodynamic look with a fiberglass hood sporting a steeper slope and headlights set into the fenders. Axles can be moved slightly forward or back depending on the use. This truck sits a few inches higher and is popular for local runs and over the road jobs.

Peterbilt 387

The 357 is extremely popular as a heavy duty truck. With flat fenders and a new hood and grill/ crown, truckers can add a front engine power takeoff.  This unit can be customized with heavy haul options. While the 379 features an aluminum hood, the 387 is the most popular long distance unit. Options include the typical day cab and two sleeper units. One sleeper has a raised roof while the other has a mid-roof design.


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The choices do not stop here; the 320 is popular as a refuge truck and concrete pumper.  This model has a dual steering version with the standup drive on the right side. Snowplows, fire trucks and construction companies like the 330, 335 and 340 units.

Peterbilt 359

Drivers of Peterbilt Trucks are pleased with their choice. There is one model built for every purpose from light, local hauls to cross country drives. These trucks get the job done, are durable and look classy.

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