Peterbilt Highest Quality Truck On The Market


Any customer in the market for a durable, reliable truck should jump on the opportunity to find a Peterbilt Truck For Sale. Since Peterbilt Motors Company’ pre-WWII inception in 1939, it has been common knowledge that these are the highest quality trucks available on the market. With changes in politics, wartime, economics and citizen lifestyles, Peterbilt trucks have remained the strongest trucks. Why purchase a Peterbilt Truck For Sale? Peterbilts come with high-quality features, each specific to the model. The 2008 model 387 includes:

- Premium Interiors
- Dual Air Ride Seats
- Double Bunks
- Good Guage Package
- Dual Aluminum 135 Gallon Tanks
- Air Slide 5th
- 13 speed transmission

The 1991 model 378 includes:

- Jacobs brake
- 9-speed transmission
- 40,000# dual-drive rear axles
- Peterbilt Air Trac suspension
- 16,000# set-back front axle
- steel frame rails
- aluminum front and steel rear wheels
- full aluminum fenders over drive tires
- aluminum fuel tank under passenger door
- upright exhaust.
- cable-operated internal valves
- 2 LH and 3 RH hose tubes
- rear ladder
- (2) 3″ Blackmer hydraulic-driven pumps
- PTO control in cab
- valving and individual pump controls in LH side cabinet
- (1) pump, 3″ cam-lock fittings for pump on/off
- (2) filters with cam-lock suction inlets equipped with adaptors.