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Owning your own truck can bring more freedom to your life than working for a trucking company. Becoming an owner operator can also pay off. The average salary for truck drivers is $70,000. That’s why finding the right Peterbilt truck for sale is so important. Much time can be spent searching internet listings, paging through magazine ads, or calling dealers.

We can help you find the right Peterbilt truck for sale:
- Choose the truck features that you want.
- We search the listings to find the available trucks.
- Only dealers with the truck you want will call.
- Work directly with the dealer, which means no middleman.
- Dealer financing is available, even for those with low credit scores.
- Service is provided free of charge.

Where To Buy Peterbilt Trucks

Check Out A Peterbilt Truck For Sale


New and used Peterbilt trucks are available now. Peterbilt offers heavy duty trucks ranging from Class 5 through Class 8. Many models are available to meet your needs. Here are some of the specifications of available models to help you choose the one that is right for you.

- Single or double bunk sleeper cab for long haul trips
- Sleeper features, such as table, door, closet or ability to be detached
- Cummins or Caterpiller engine
- 435 to 475 horsepower engine
- Low air suspension or flexible air suspension
- Tire size
- Aerodynamic versus traditional body molding
- Front and rear suspension options
- GPS equipped
- Fuel capacity
- Axle capacity
- Hybrid technology available for medium duty trucks
- Type of market the truck is aimed at, such as logging, construction, or local pick up and delivery
- Parts availability and ease of obtaining
- Servicing options

Peterbilt Truck Specs

Peterbilt has a long history of building quality trucks. However, consider the personality of the truck as well as your own personality as you give the truck a test drive. What are the ergonomics? Do you feel good about the visibility? How loud are traffic sounds sitting in the cab? How easily accessible are the driver inspection items? How complex are routine maintenance and basic repairs? How easy will it be to get financing for the type of truck you want?

Peterbilt offers a lot for new and experienced drivers. Talk to truck drivers who have owned a Peterbilt. Their advice will likely be very helpful.