Peterbilt 379 – A Guest Post

For anyone that is a Peterbilt fan, chances are good that the Peterbilt 379 is at the very top of their favorites list when shopping for new semi trucks. The long elegant nose of the Peterbilt 379 is the stuff that Hollywood trucking legends are built on. Nothing epitomizes the mystique of the open road for a trucker like the silhouette of a 379. Available in a variety of looks, trucking enthusiasts have long loved the look and feel of the 379.

Truckers of all sorts favor the 379 as their rig of choice. Whether they opt for a sleeper cab model or go for a basic rig, being able to hit the open road, as a long haul truck driver safely ensconced in the cab of a 379 is a fulfillment of the trucking dream for many. Many individuals spend years dreaming of becoming a long haul driver simply for the freedom and individuality that if offers. They know that they can spend their life roaming from city to city enjoying the view above the crowd as they spend their days living their dream. For a great number of those long haul dreamers, their vision is built upon the image of their very own classic 379.

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