Mack Trucks


Like a bulldog, Mack Trucks are tough, aggressive and relentless. These powerful brutes do not stop until the job is done. For over 100 years, Mack has been delivering force and service where it is needed. This company is now a subsidy of A B Volvo with headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The company manufactures the most popular off-road heavy duty vehicles in North America. Products range from Class 8 to Class 13 and are sold in 45 different countries. This truck manufacturer protects our citizens serving worldwide in the US military with its popular military vehicle, the specially designed and manufactured Granite Armored Line Haul. Even the bulldog emblem on the front of most of these trucks tells an interesting story.


Mack Trucks For Sale

Mack Trucks for Construction and Heavy Duty Work

Like all of trucks manufactured by this American company, the units are built to high standards.

Construction companies choose from the following lines:

  • Granite with robust frames and axles for heavy duty hauling
  • Terrapro Cabover which runs on natural gas powered by a Cummings Westport engine.
  •  Titan is the heavy duty powerhouse with the most powerful engine available. The MP 10 engine delivers 515, 565 or 605 horsepower.

Mack Trucks for Highway

Mack Truck For Sale

Two models are available for over the road use. These include the Smartway and several models with the Pinnacle name. Pinnacle offers:
•    an electronic system that leads the industry in innovation and design
•    an ergonomic dashboard
•    axle forward for even weight distribution
•    Day Cab Rawhide
Pinnacle sleepers come in the following options:
•    with a flat top in 48 inch and 56 inch designs
•    midrise in 60 inch and 70 inch styles
•    and a high-rise in 70 inch option

Mack Trucks Refuge Style

The four model choices available are:
•    TerraPro Cabover
•    TerraPro Low Entry
•    Granite Axle back
•    Granite


Mack Trucks Bulldog Emblems

This bulldog emblem is chrome or gold plated. Each type makes an announcement:
•    Chrome. The chrome emblem lets truckers know the unit has other makes of components. These could be transmission, engine, rear axles or suspension.
•    Gold. The gold plated emblem lets everyone know truck is made entirely from Mack components.

These heavy duty working wonders are carefully engineered from the ground up to do the job they are specially designed for. The manufacturing process for Mack Trucks is just as demanding. This company sets high expectations for itself and meets them.