Kenworth Trucks – Most Reliable

Whether you are buying your first rig or adding to your fleet, choosing the right truck is essential. Rather than purchasing the first big rig that turns your head (yes, they will do that to you), you will be better off in the long run if you have a plan. If you plan to eventually purchase more trucks, opting for one particular brand will give your company fleet a cohesive look. A popular option for many truckers are Kenworth trucks. Kenworth has long been known for quality. From small mom and pop trucking operations to international trucking companies with extensive fleets, many companies choose the reliability of Kenworth trucks time and time again. Their rigs are known for their reliability and their take no prisoners reputation when it comes to driver satisfaction. These rigs will get your cargo where it needs to go and will keep you and your drivers fully satisfied with their service to road time ratio. Your company is not earning when your trucks are constantly in the shop for servicing. With Kenworth trucks, those frequent breakdowns are a thing of the past. If dependability and good looks are what you are after, put your money into a Kenworth.

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