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When Kenworth Trucks are built, they are made for hard work and to last for many years. Kenworth, a subsidiary of PACCAR, has built trucks since the original company began manufacturing them in 1912. Today this company has five manufacturing plants in four countries. Two are located in the United States and Mexico, Canada, and Australia each have one. Formerly a manufacturer of school and transit buses, Kenworth Trucks built the first commercial truck outfitted with a six-cylinder in-line engine to use in logging trucks early in the company’s history and has continued their history of innovation, durability and excellence ever since.

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The American Truck Dealers (ATD) recently named the Kenworth T700 as the 2011 Heavy Duty Commercial Truck of the Year. This model includes the revolutionary PACCAR MX engine. This engine achieves a nero-zero emmission of the greenhouse gas NOx. This is achieved through the most fuel efficient engine they have, the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) engine. This truck is the most aerodynamic in company histpry. The combination of its design style with the inclusion of the most fuel efficient of PACCAR’s engines creates a truck that offers cleaner, cooler operation for increased fuel economy and engine reliability. The T700 is designed for high performance and heavy work loads.

Kenworth T2000

Kenworth Trucks builds Medium Duty and Heavy Duty trucks as well as two Medium Duty Hybrids. Models available in the hybrids are:
* Class 6   T270
* Class 7   T320

W900 Kenworth

These models have transmission-mounted integral generator/motors with a 340-volt framed-mounted battery pack. Other Class 6 and Class 7 Medium Duty models include:
* Class 6   T170
* Class 6-7 K270, K370
* Class 7   T370
* Class 7-8 T440, T470
* Class 8   T660, T700, T800, W900
* Class 8+  C500

Kenworth T600

The C500 is a serious work horse, designed to haul timber, coal and other extremely heavy loads. The T660 is ideal for line haul use. The T700 is the best aerodynamic design of all Kenworth Trucks. The T800 is the most versatile of all designs. The W900 has great reliability. The T440 has best forward lighting in its design class and utilizes headlamps that Halogen projection models. The T470 used full parent rail extensions for hauling loads of heavy equipment such as plows and tractors.

Kenworth T800

The Medium Duty models offer these features:

* T170 – great maneuverability with non-CDL uses
* T270 – productive and versatile
* T370 – widest range of Medium body applications
* K270 – manueverability with 55-degree wheel cut
* K370 – use with stake or roll-off or van body

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Resales values of Kenworth Trucks are excellent when the truck has been cared for and kept clean and regularly serviced. Currently the models listed most often for resale are:
* T300 and T370 – some are automatics with cruise control
* T600 and T660 – with airline suspensions and tandem axles
* T800 and T800B – in many driver comfort styles
* W900, W900B, W900L – with aluminum wheels

Kenworth Trucks For Sale

These models appear more frequently and not because the owners are dissatisfied with them. In fact, the mileage on these models ranges from 12,000 to 820,000 miles. Obviously, these trucks perform well.

Kenworth Trucks Sale

Kenworth Trucks offer a quality product built for hard use, durability, reliability, and great performance. Their models look great too. All these qualities together with their resale value make this the truck to purchase when there is work to be done.

Kenworth W900

Kenworth W900L