Kenworth Trucks – Amoung The Best

Whether you are a self employed trucker or the owner of a business looking for a fleet of reliable machines, Kenworth trucks for sale should be the first things you look at. Kenworth has been manufacturing high quality machines since as early as 1923 and is the leading creator of heavy and medium duty trucks. Some of the Kenworth trucks are also environmentally friendly as the the company believes strongly in trying to save the earth. In 2009 Kenworth received a Clean Air Excellence award in recognition of its environmentally friendly products. So when you look for quality, safety, and durability, Kenworth is the company you want to go with.

Some of the Kenworth trucks for sale include models C550, T600, and the W900L. The C550 is an 70,000 pound, eighteen speed diesel operated truck with a smooth design and 550 horsepower. The T600 is a much smaller unit  and is a nine speed with 435 horsepower. The W900L has an air ride suspension and can be purchased with the C15 Caterpillar Engine with 550 horse power.

There is a wide selection of different sizes, colors, and engine displacements that can be found to suit your needs. No matter what it is that you desire, when looking for a new semi truck, Kenworth will always give you 100% satisfaction.

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