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The International Trucks and Engine Company have been producing some of the strongest, most dependable rigs in the business for over a hundred and ten years. They make medium, heavy and severe duty vehicles that have the power and agility to move any payload safely and professionally every time. With a 1,000 dealer outlets in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil alone with 60 more spread around 90 other countries worldwide. The tough, results-driven engineering at International Trucks has defined them as the standard in tractor trailer rigs worldwide.

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The medium-duty range includes:

•    DuraStar
•    TerraStar

The DuraStar is a class 6/7 and has the potential to produce up to 330 horsepower. These can accommodate bucket lifts, hydraulic dump trucks, fire rescue applications and bottle delivery setups to name several.

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The TerraStar is a slightly smaller truck at a class of 4/5 and maximum horse power output of 300. These are excellent for flatbed platforms, utility applications, first responder/ ambulatory services and box trucks.

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The heavy-duty International Trucks include:

•    TranStar
•    LoneStar
•    ProStar+
•    9900

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The TranStar is the smallest heavy-duty weighing in at an impressive 430 horsepower and class 8 rating. These trucks are regularly employed in the regional transportation of liquid or bulk dry goods. Many beverage distribution companies rely on these models for all of their delivery needs.

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The LoneStar is the most coveted among International Trucks with its sleek embellishments and trim, strong 500 horsepower power-plant and comfortable amenities that were designed for owner operated service in mind. Other uses include long distance transportation and recovery operations.

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The heavy-duty ProStar+ produces a beastly 550 horsepower to deliver one of the most economically efficient rides on the road. The ProStar+ boasts a hassle-free solution to emissions, proven weight advantage over others in its bracket, powerful and capable MaxxForce 13L engine, and the reputation for the best dealer service in the industry.

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The biggest in the line of International Trucks heavy duty lineup is the 9900. It is a class 8 rig that can distribute 550 horsepower to get the job done in a hurry, regardless of the size of the load.

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The next and last class addresses the severe-duty trucks and includes:

•    PayStar
•    WorkStar

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These most-rugged of categories ranges from 475-550 horsepower and is designed to meet the rigorous challenges of a workhorse role. These are commonly employed as cement trucks, dump trucks, or retrofitted to protect soldiers on the battlefield. International Trucks has been building solid trucks for over a century and knows what the industry requires.


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