International Dump Truck


Whether you are just beginning a business or need to add to your existing fleet of dump trucks, you will find that we have connections to help you locate the perfect used International Dump Truck.  A good quality used dump truck will offer many years of hard work at a substantial savings over the cost of a new International dump truck.  Our services can connect you to a dealer that has the truck to meet your need.  We offer:

•    Used truck locator services that are free to buyers
•    No increases in prices due to a middleman
•    A wide selection of trucks of every style and make
•    Convenience for the buyer

With our search form, buyers specify the type of truck for which they are looking.  They can also select their preferred engine.  The form even gives room for buyers to include special requests that are important to them.  This provides several advantages to the buyer.

•    Access to several trucks meeting their needs within 24-48 hours
•    We weed out dealers that cannot match your needs
•    No phone calls from dealers that do not have the truck you need
•    Trucks can be narrowed to your local area


International Dump Truck For Earth Moving Needs


Dump trucks are by nature hard working pieces of machinery that have high demands placed upon them.  They carry heavy loads of dirt gravel and other materials.  These trucks often must work in muddy areas to lay gravel that will pave the road for other construction vehicles.  Owners and operators of an International dump truck know they have a dependable machine.  There are several styles available:

•    Standard dump
•    Transfer dump
•    Side dump
•    Belly dump

In addition, there are trucks for both on road and off road use.  The off road use trucks are often used for underground work in construction.  They have large tractor tread tires that give them the needed traction to work in heavy mud and other conditions.  On road trucks generally have a higher gear ratio, highway tires and a mat that secures the load to prevent rocks or gravel from falling off the load and damaging vehicles that are driving behind the truck.

When it is time for to add to your fleet, we offer access to:
•    International dump truck
•    Kennworth
•    Peterbilt
•    Ford
•    GMC
•    Mack
•    All other major brands

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