International Dealer


If your looking for an International dealer we may be able to help. We have an extensive network of International truck dealers spread throughout the country with a combined truck number running into thousands. We also have an international dealer network in all fifty states.

Of course we can help you find all the major International truck models including:

  • 4300
  • 4400
  • 4700
  • 4900
  • 8600
  • 9200
  • 9400
  • Prostar

We will hook you up with your dream rig (both used and new) from our wide network of international dealers who also include:


We only deal with a licensed major International dealer. This, in turn, guarantees you of only the very best of service. Here are the benefits of our services:

•Absolutely free of charge.

•We do all the comparison of available trucks as per your stipulated needs and specs.

•Only dealers who have the right equipment for the job get to contact you.

•You get to choose among the best available rigs.

•Highly expedited process.

Vital International Dealer Recommended Truck Specs


It’s a good idea to have the specific specs of the truck your looking for when looking for an international dealer. Over the years, we have identified several components that are vital in choosing the best semi truck specs combination for optimum performance and enhanced profitability.

•Cargo capacity.

•Fuel cost.

•Maintenance requirements.

•Resale value.

•Original purchase price in case of a used truck.

Luckily for you, we shoulder most of this burden. All that we would require from you is some general information regarding your truck. Key information that you should provide us includes:

•The trucks age range if you desire a used truck.

•Preferred make.

•Preferred cab type.

•Preferred engine type.

•Preferred suspension type.

Below are some semi truck specs that we advise our clients to try and understand as they might come in handy when buying a rig either from an international dealer or a local dealer:

•Axle ratings: The rear and front axles have typical values of 40,000 lb and 12,000 lb although they might be as high as 80,000 lb and 20,000 respectively in circumstances involving the haulage of extra heavy loads.

•Power: Typical semi truck engine specs range between 350 to 550 hp. However, we advise semi truck buyers to focus more on peak torque instead of horsepower since trucks with a good gear ratio; lower RPM and an improved peak torque have been found to be highly efficient.

•Transmission: Automatic transmission exhibits superior fuel performance on highways and prolongs the drive train’s life.