Freightliner Used Trucks


If you are looking for Freightliner used trucks, our truck finder may be just the service you need. All you have to do is fill in the form on the right and we will send your information to our network of potential sellers. With thousands of truck dealers in the network, it will be easy to find the right truck for the job.

- will send your information directly to the dealers who have the used Freightliner trucks you need.
- You will never have to deal with a middle man or worry about mark-ups or unnecessary negotiations.
- You specify what you want, down to the make and model, and will only be contacted by dealers who have that truck in stock.
- This service is completely free. Finding used Freightliner trucks for sale has never been this easy

You Tell Us Which Freightliner Used Trucks You Want to Buy

Whether you are looking for Columbia’s, FLD 120′s, Century’s or other Freightliner used trucks, our dealers have what you are looking for. Simply put in your exact specifications, and we will connect you to the dealers who are selling the truck that you need. Whether you are looking for a specific make and model, or for a specific size or weight, will connect you to the right people.

- Tell us what type of make, cab and engine you are looking for. We will even filter results according to your minimum horsepower requirements or desired suspension type.
- Tell us where you are and we will do our best to hook you up with a dealer nearby.
- Fill in any other requirements you may have, from preferred color to the number of miles the truck has traveled and you will only hear from dealers who have a truck that fits your requirements.
- You will never again have to read through endless classified ads and truck listings. We will get your specifications to the right dealers and they will contact you.


The Benefits of Freightliner Used Trucks


Of course it would be nice to buy a brand new truck, but you know you can find great deals on used Freightliner trucks, especially in this bad economy. can help you find Freightliner used trucks that are almost as good as new. Even a gently used truck, with no damage and only a few miles on the clock, can cost a fraction of the price of a new truck. Finding affordable Freightliner used trucks is as easy as filling in your information to the right.

- You can specify the desired age range of your truck, meaning that you will never have to sort through older models that have seen their day, or newer models that are outside of your budget.
- The notes field allows you to fill in any other specifications important for an older truck, such as type of engine or the number miles driven. You can even specify a specific model.
- If cost is still an issue, we can help you find dealers who offer financing options, even if you have bad credit.
- If you are undecided, or want to compare prices, we can also connect you to new truck dealers.

Do not waste any more time. Let us help you find Freightliner used trucks today.