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If your trucking needs are for sound, solid, state-of-the art trucks built for any type of highway hauling, the line of Freightliner Trucks could provide just the ride.

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Freightliner has a long history in the trucking industry. It is a part of Daimler AG, a global leader in manufacturing commercial on-highway and vocational trucks. The company prides itself on providing new technology and innovation for the entire fleet such as:

•    Product Design and Validation- Trucks are rigorously tested.
•    Clean Drive Technology – Fuel economy and efficiency is important.
•    Virtual Technician – Trucks have onboard 24 hour engine monitoring.
•    Advanced Engineering – Automotive engineers work on aerodynamics and efficiency.

Freightliner FL70

Freightliner trucks are widely known for heavy duty class 8 diesel trucks. Yet the company also has an impressive fleet of class 6 and class 7 trucks.

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Freightliner Trucks offer three main types of trucks:

•    On-Highway Trucks – class 8
•    Severe Duty Trucks – class 7/8
•    Medium Duty Trucks – class 6/7/8

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On-highway rigs are manufactured with reliability and efficiency in mind. Three main models are in the on-highway category:

•    Day cabs – These are lightweight trucks ideal for local hauling, food and beverage, auto hauling or bulk hauling.
•    Mid-roof sleepers – Long hauls and lower loads are the best option for this type of rig.
•    Raised-roof sleepers – This model offers the most spacious cab to keep drivers comfortable for miles.

Freightliner M2

Severe duty freightliner trucks are geared for heavy jobs on and off the construction site. These trucks are powerful, have good maneuverability and are economical for the small business owner. Utility trucks, snow removal, refuse, sewer vacuum and fire and emergency trucks are included in this category as well as:

•    Dump Trucks
•    Concrete Mixers
•    Crane
•    Roll-offs
•    Logging trucks

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The medium duty rigs in the Freightliner Truck line offer 13 models of high performing trucks. These models are versatile with multiple options for cab configurations. The cabs can be extended and support a wide range of chassis mounted gear. Besides more options for dump trucks and fire and emergency vehicles. Medium duty trucks include:

•    Food and Beverage  – A high value, low maintenance truck.
•    Flat Bed/Stake Body –  This is an excellent truck for transporting construction vehicles.
•    Pick-up and Delivery – A good choice for city or highway delivery.
•    Recreational – A perfect truck for boat or horse hauling

Freightliner Trucks For Sale

Freightliner trucks can provide power, efficiency and the latest technology to get big and small trucking jobs done.

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