Evaluating The Investment Value Of Semis For Sale

Semis for sale fall into a number of categories. To someone outside the industry the most obvious difference is between day cabs and sleepers. These do affect a tractor’s utility, since sleepers make it easy for a team to operate a truck continuously or a single driver to extend his operating range. Truckers, though, know that other characteristics have an effect on their ability to make money with a given vehicle. The most important is hauling capacity. A lightweight tractor  may be less expensive, particularly on the used market, but it also limits the loads a driver is able to accept, and that limits potential income.

If the semi is to be purchased used, (such as used International trucks) its age and mileage are very important factors in its utility. Older, high mileage tractors are much less expensive that newer vehicles. This is because they have fewer miles left in them before they must be replaced, and so will make less money for their new owners. The return on the purchaser’s investment may be less, particularly if the tractor requires expensive repairs. On the other hand, a well-maintained older truck can pay for itself relatively quickly. Since it requires less of an investment in the first place, it can be one of the better deals among semis for sale.

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