Dump Trucks For Sale – Increased Demand

As a free truck locator service we have seen an increase in the amount of request for dump trucks for sale. This is seen nationwide but concentrated in the southeast states like Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. We have also seen more requests coming from the Dakotas. Why the increase? A lot of it seems to be infrastructure work through the government. Road work, land fills, and the like are what work these guys are doing. In North Dakota they are doing oil field work.

The supply to meet this demand is there but dump truck prices are strong despite the still soft economy. You see less of these trucks selling at auction and more dealer and private party sales taking place.

The cost of these trucks are compensated by the revenue they produce. It’s not uncommon for a dump truck operator to earn $150 per hour with these trucks. My guess is that the average revenue is about $80 per hour. This is much better than other types of commercial trucks. Over the road semi truck drivers will average $2.00 a mile with a gross of around $15,000 per month. The dump truck owner operator will bring in $18,000 to $20,000 or more depending on what he’s a hauling. There is an increase in the number of dump trucks for sale and the contracts that go with them. This could be another sign that the economy is slowly getting better

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