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Dump trucks quickly moved products from one location to another. For the best results, buyers match the size of the vehicle to the job. If the dump box is too small, extra trips are required. A larger-than-necessary truck cost more to purchase and operate. Many drivers are adamant about the make of their vehicle and feel the truck they drive is far superior to any other on the road.

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Matching Dump Trucks to the Job

To find the right truck and box for the job is simply a mathematical calculation. Dump trucks are rated in different classes depending on the weight they can legally carry. Common classes are:
•    Classes 7 and 8, over 26,000 pounds,
•    Classes 4 to 6, 14,000 to 26,000 pounds and
•    Classes 1 through 3, up to 14,000 pounds.

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Dump trucks have special reinforced frames supporting the weight of the box, hydraulic system and materials. When purchasing new, buyers build the units for their needs. However, purchasers of used equipment are luckier. Someone has already put the box and truck together. These buyers simply find the size in the price range they want.

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Types of Dump Trucks

Drivers of dump trucks enthusiastically explain why their chosen truck is the king of the road. These loyal customers have valid reasons for selecting their vehicles. Although there are many more than five brands, this article just reviews the following:
•    Freightliner
•    Kenworth
•    Mack
•    Peterbilt
•    International

Used Dump Trucks

Freightliner started business in 1942 and is currently a subsidy of German Dailmer AG. It produces class 5 through 8 diesel trucks and was the largest manufacturer in North America in 2009.  Kenworth was founded 1912 and makes medium and heavy-duty trucks in Kirkland, Washington and Buffalo, New York. It is a subsidy of PACCAR and a well-known bus builder. Mack sells its heavy-duty products in 47 countries. This subsidy of  A B Volvo manufactures brutes in classes 8 through 13 and heavy-duty off-road trucks. Peterbilt started converting army surplus trucks into logging trucks in 1939 in Tacoma, Washington and now produces medium and heavy-duty products. Navistar International Corporation carries the International brand and developed the first hybrid commercial truck combining diesel and electricity.

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Buyers of dump trucks find exactly the vehicles they need. By matching trucks to the jobs, dirt, sand and rocks are moved quickly and cost effectively. Whether the truck is a Mack or a Ford, the job gets done.

Dump Trucks For Sale