Commercial Trucks


The easiest way for owner operators to define their commercial trucks is by size and type. There are many different types of commercial trucks on the market.

Classifications of Commercial Trucks

The three most common distinctions are heavy duty, medium duty and light duty which refer to gross vehicle weight.
•    Heavy Duty covers classes 7 and 8 with a gross vehicle weight of over 26,000 pounds.
•    Medium Duty includes classes 4 through 6 carrying a gross vehicle weight of 14,000 pounds to 26,000 pounds.
•    Light Duty designates classes 1 to 3 capable of carrying up to 14,000 pounds.

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Types of Commercial Trucks

Commercial trucks are adapted to their use. Besides the cab, motor, transmission and axles, bodies or special equipment are added. Five broad categories include:
•    Beds. These may be flat with tie-downs to haul equipment or large items or come with stake pockets and removable sidewalls.
•    Cargo Boxes. Built on-cargo containers make storing supplies easy whether the truck is delivering bread or beverages.
•    Tankers. Businesses need to transport water, milk, gas, chemicals and waste in liquid form.
•    Portable Equipment Bases. Adding a boom, Crane or digger allows the equipment to be moved quickly and easily from one location to another.
•    Specialty. Fire trucks and cement mixers are designed to be efficient for one purpose only.

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Commercial Truck Manufacturers

There are hundreds of different manufacturers of commercial trucks producing trucks and truck components. By carefully matching the vehicle, power, transmission and number of axles to the job, buyers are satisfied with their investments. The most common truck manufacturers for the past 50 years have been:
•    Freightliner
•    Kenworth
•    Mack
•    Peterbuilt
•    International

Used Commercial Trucks

Even if a person only wants a cab and chassis, the choices are not over. This commercial truck unit may come with or without a sleeper. For long-distance driving, sleepers save drivers money. These additions come from a simple bed addition of 36 inches to self-contained, apartment sized accommodations of 300 inches.

Commercial Trucks For Sale

Because commercial trucks are used for everything from delivering milk to putting out fires, there is a size and type for any need. Truck and truck component manufacturers let buyers choose the product for the purpose. Learning the lingo of this industry is easy; commonly used terms accurately describe the vehicle.