Big Rigs


If you have ever wondered how products and goods get from the factory to your neighborhood supermarket, it is likely that it was delivered by a big rig. Many people are fascinated by these trucks and trailers which are usually seen on most highways and interstates. There are several different types of vehicles and their size and weight differ depending on what it is intended to haul. Big Rigs also differ in design and construction depending on the manufacturer. Trailers come in many shapes, styles, and lengths as well and designed for various types of cargo. Big rigs are usually divided into three categories: light duty trucks, medium duty trucks, and heavy duty trucks.

Big Rigs For Sale

Here are some examples of big rigs:

Light Duty Semi-Trucks

-    Flatbed trucks
-    Cab & Chassis trucks
-    Service/Mechanic/Utility trucks
-    Van Trucks/Box trucks
-    Dry Cargo-Delivery Trucks

Medium Duty Semi-Trucks

-    Reefer trucks
-    Tank trucks
-    Tow trucks
-    Versatile hauler trucks
-    Cutaway-Cube trucks

Heavy Duty Semi-Trucks

-    Conventional trucks with sleeper
-    Mixer/Concrete/Asphalt trucks
-    Sew Rodder/Septic trucks
-    Winch/Oil Field trucks
-    Gasoline/Fuel trucks

Rigs For Sale

Most big rigs are designed to transport large amounts of cargo with the use of a trailer. Just as semi trucks vary in size and model, so do transport trailers. Here are some examples of commonly used trailers used with big rigs:

-    Utility /Light Duty Trailers , maximum weight 7500 pounds
-    Lowboy Trailers
-    Hopper/Grain Trailers
-    Reefer Trailers
-    Agriculture Equipment Transport Trailers

There are quite a few high-quality manufacturers whose expertise is in making big rigs to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the transport industry. Most models of semi trucks are engineered and designed very well so that you receive outstanding quality.

Every big rig model is designed with these factors in mind:
-  Engine and fuel efficiency
-  Improved drivetrain
- Greater hauling capacity
- Excellent braking system
- Safety

Here are some of the major truck manufacturers of big rigs that you will find commonly on the road today:

-    Freightliner trucks
-    International trucks
-    Peterbilt Trucks
-    Mack Trucks
-    Kenworth Trucks

If you are in the market for new big rig, then it is quite easy to go online and find both new and used trucks and trailers for sale. This is the smartest and easiest way to help you find the truck you need right from the comfort of your home or office.